Dies for Cold Stamping


VMA offers dies for cold stamping to produce a large variety of products in a short time, without sacrificing quality. Cold pressing is divided into sheet metal and volume, depending on what kind of products to perform, and what material is used in each case. Cold stamping dies made with the help of advanced technology, made of the best materials.

Nowadays, cold stamping is one of the most popular ways of pressing a wide range of metal products. Cold stamping has a large number of advantages. It is accurate and if the dies for cold stamping made in accordance with all rules, then the final product will have similar parameters. It is clear that cold stamping requires the use of the most modern equipment. It is also important to have good experience in the implementation and use of dies and moulds.

VMA Limited Liability Company has extensive experience in the making of cold stamping dies. Modern equipment, skilled personnel and proven pattern of production - allowing to produce dies within the shortest possible time without loss of quality indicators.

Hot Stamping Dies

Manufacturing of dies for hot stamping is a priority of VMA. During hot stamping, the sheet metal is heaed to a certain temperature, resulting in material with a soft texture. Thereafter, the material fills the cavity of the die, whose shape corresponds to the form of manufactured product. Thereafter a chilling process takes part.

 Hot stamping dies - a high-tech product to significantly accelerate the production process, while minimizing production time and costs. The material is heated to a certain temperature, and then it fills the cavity of the die as it acquires its shape. It is significant, that the die’s resistance plays a major role. The usage of this technique significantly reduces production costs, material consumption. The result is a product of high precision and strength.