Injection Moulding Thermoplastics and Thermosets

Production of moulds for plastic products should be carefully approached by the making 3D-models and drawings of the product. Our specialists will assist in creating a sketch and a 3D-model of the mould as well as to make sure that the resources of the mould will be high, serving as long as possible.


Today, several methods of processing various polymers and plastics exist, but the most common method is the injection moulding under pressure. However, this method is characterized as the most complex in terms of equipment used namely casting moulds. Moulds for plastic are used to manufacture one specific part, or group of plastic details for serial or mass production. Despite the high cost of its production, e.g. plastic injection moulds, this method is defined the best way to considerably reduce the production cost per unit. There are several basic types of moulds. In its typical form, the mould consists of a set of working plates (two or three), flow channel for the molten plastic, cooling systems and some other elements. However, it is the number of working plates, as well as the presence or absence of hot runner nozzles which determine the classification.

Moulds for PET

In 1977, when the American Du Pont Company created polymer bottles, there was a boom in the beverage industry all over the world. Adapted to the needs of the markets chemists developed different types for food products. Polymer bottles are called PET and today, such products are available in various quantities and varieties. Today PET is one of the most popular types of packaging materials. The demand for PET bottles is growing by 15-20% annually wiping out glass bottles. VMA is manufactures moulds for PET in shortest possible time without loss of any quality indicator.


PET bottles are generally used to store liquid for longer periods of time without degrading the quality of stored liquid. PET bottles have a number of advantages: low cost, environmental friendliness, and durability, easy to transport. PET moulds are being used for the production of various products made of polyethylene terephthalate. Moulds for PET may be different depending on shape and material. As automatic and semi-automatic PET Blow Moulding Machines are used it is natural that manufacturing of moulds for PET must be implemented in line with international standards.